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Maximizing Revenue Performance with PDS Denials Analytics

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The significant changes in RVUs and CMS reimbursement require organizations to implement best-practice management regarding revenue integrity. Effective prevention and recovery of denials is essential to maximize the bottom-line. Learn how PDS Denial Analytics, coupled with leading-edge revenue cycle management strategies, can take your practice from average financial performance to outstanding results.

Understand how PDS Denial Analytics delivers structured data for clarity in reporting and useful visualizations to:

  • Categorize denials into effective reporting dimensions to increase comprehension.
  • Understand recovery successes and failures for most efficient use of limited resources.
  • Deliver focused dashboards for departmental process improvement.
  • Manage cashflow impact against recovery and prevention efforts.
  • Measure the financial benefits of focused analytics on denial challenges.

This webinar will provide insight for comparing your current analytical tools and efforts against PDS Denial Analytics – a solution used nationally by many prestigious healthcare systems to manage denial rates and recover lost revenue from denials.

Originally presented on March 24, 2021.

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