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WebinarIconBlending KPIs to Assess Practice Wellness

Examining the business health of a medical practice requires analyzing a broad range of facets, including financial soundness, quality of care, and patient satisfaction. Blending KPIs is vital to understand the relationships between different practice areas and to assess the wellness of the practice as a whole.

In this webinar, learn how to approach blending various data sets from different applications to understand if your practice is performing at or above expectations and identify gaps impacting performance, quality, and the bottom line. We’ll discuss best practices in choosing performance measures, blending data sets, and leveraging visual analytics to create meaningful reporting to drive ROI goals.

Key Webinar Topics include:

  • Identifying the KPIs that cross different data sets
  • The top 5 areas where your practice should be blending data
  • Best practices using visual analytics that tell the whole story
  • Providing reporting transparency to key stakeholders
  • Managing the abundance of data to focus on high ROI initiatives

On November 17, 2021, at 1 PM Eastern (NYC), please join Scott Everitt, MBA, Vice President of Analytic Solutions at Practical Data Solutions, and Russell Hendrickson, CEO, for this informative webinar.


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