You can't manage what you can't measure.

We have one simple goal:
To enable clients to use their data to continually improve performance and
achieve ROI.

PDS RVU Enhancer

Accurate RVUs – Delivered


PDS RVU Enhancer delivers accurate RVUs regardless of the billing or analytics software currently in use. Working from your CPT data, this service accurately calculates RVUs based upon CMS values and includes custom overrides, exclusions or additional logic to ensure the RVUs are tuned to your organizational standards.

Blending custom RVUs and your current KPIs allows ease in publishing Physician Compensation and Productivity reports that combine benchmarks, budgets, and other key productivity measures. Reports that include accurate RVUs provide physicians with valuable, comparative context to assess and self-manage their performance.

Concerned about the significant 2021 CMS RVU changes as they relate to 2020 trends and performance benchmarks? The PDS RVU Enhancer provides comparative RVUs across 2020-2021.

For organizations using more than one Practice Management system, the solution can seamlessly blend multiple systems’ data, resulting in RVUs being consistently measured across all practices.

Need to automate the blending of RVUs with other KPIs? Our PDS DASH tool integrates and analyzes data pulled from different reporting tools for seamless blending and quick creation of automated, distributable graphical dashboards.

Take advantage of the power and convenience of PDS RVU Enhancer to deliver accurate RVUs across your organization.

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